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Our goal is to support the "worried well" in vulnerable communities, these are individuals at risk for COVID-19 with mild and moderate severity, but at lower risk of developing severe disease. By doing so, we can protect local primary care capacity to focus on those with moderate COVID-19 severity and high risk for severe disease, along with high yield primary care (chronic disease management, cancer prevention). Our software was built to support COVID-19 clinical services including virtual screening, monitoring, testing and education.

Meet The Team


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CMO of Healthier Clinic, CEO of ImplementHIT


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CIO at ImplementHIT


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Senior Engineer at ImplementHIT

June 2020 Cornell Panel Features FreeCovid

Dr. Jimenez and colleagues were invited to discuss the start of freecovid.clinic, and their goals.


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Operations & Development Consultant


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Service Delivery Strategist at Wellstar Health System



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Chief Medical Officer at Oneida Health


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Assistant Vice President Care Management at Healthfirst


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Manager Performance and Compliance at Weill Cornell


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Consultant Client Delivery and Operations at Accenture

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